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Artist and tutor, my lifelong love of Chinese painting, culture and philosophy began when I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing, Xiang to see the Terracotta Warriors and then to Hong Kong in 1993. It was in Hong Kong that I visited a major art exhibition and was so inspired I was determined to learn more about this art form. On my return to my surprise Adult Learning began a course nearby … and so my journey began.

Two artists have strongly influenced my art, Joyce Levermore who took up painting and travelled to the East after she retired, and the internationally renowned artist Qu Leilei who was a member of the ‘Stars’ movement in China.

I have been able to learn alongside my profession as graphic designer and in communications. Now I am able to share my love of this art form through teaching, exhibiting at venues such as Osterley Park and Hatfield House Art Fair and running workshops at the William Morris Gallery.

Please contact me if you would like to try a free introductory class, my regular Saturday morning group meets at Harefield Community library outside of London, if you would like to book a workshop or find out more​



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